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Monday, 18 November 2019

National Olympiad for Scientific Creativity “Ibda’a”


Organized by King Abdulaziz and his Companions Foundation for Giftedness & Creativity (Mawhiba), the 2015, the local National Olympiad for Scientific Creativity–Innovation and Scientific Research Fields took place on Wednesday, November 19th, 2014.

Proudly, out of the 90 DAS Participants, Forty-eight qualified to participate in the next round of competition at the provincial level, with a total of total of 33 projects: 21 are for the scientific research field and 12 for the innovation field.

The school would like to congratulate all the students who qualified. We wish them much success as they continue in the subsequent rounds of the competition. The students are:

1- Obay Tawfiq

2- Hassan Al Jishi

3- Khalid Al Faqih

4- Mohammed Al Aqeel

5- Saleh Al Hamad

6- Faisal Al Hamad

7- Hamad Al Dossary

8- Mohammed Al Hussain

9- Mohammed F. Al Zamil

10- Ahmed Alabduljabar

11- Sa’ad Al Ajaji

12- Rakan Al Habdan

13- Majid Al Mubarak

14- Abdullah Al Rayes

15- Khalid Al Matar

16- Tamam Al Alqam

17- Ahmed Al Saif

18- Sultan Al Qahtani

19- Mohammed Al Amir

20- Saif Al Ahmadi

21- Khalid Al Turki

22- Abdullah Al Rabe’a

23- Mohammed Al Zamil

24- Mohammed Al Attas

25- Ahmed Tashkandi

26- Ahmed Khashugji

27- Khalid Al Saeed

28- Sa’ad Al Ahmadi

29- Ziyad Al Omair

30- Nasser Flemban

31- Sharif Afifi

32- Faris Al Dulaijan

33- Abdullah Al Askar

34- Moa’th Al Zayer

35- Abdullah Al Hussain

36- Abduljabbar Al Hamoud

37- Faisal Al Dossary

38- Ammar Al Amir

39- Mohammed Bukhashim

40- Saud Al Maglouth

41- Abdulaziz Al Shurai

42- Razi Al Alqam

43- Abdulmalik Al Harthi

44- Maitham Al Zayer

45- Mohammed Al Ghamdi

46- Bra’a Al Amir

47- Hassan Bukhamseen

48- Waleed Al Hindi


We would like to extend a heartfelt thanks to the students for their effort, their parents for their continuous follow-up and support, DAS faculty and staff especially the Technology Department, the Math and Science Department . Also, we thank all our students who participated wishing them best of luck in the future competitions.