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Monday, 11 November 2019

Educational Development Center

Since its foundation in 1977, our non-profit, K-12 Dhahran Ahliyya Schools have been committed to continuous progress in learning. Our strategy has been to provide a rigorous, well organized, ongoing program of professional development including workshops, coaching, and support for all its teachers while they are on the job. The objective is to enhance their understanding and skills as teachers and to increase their repertoire of strategies that are compatible with the most up-to-date educational research and classroom applications.

In order to fulfill this objective, DAS developed a comprehensive plan for professional development and teacher performance assessment. As part of this plan, workshops are held annually every summer for three to four weeks. During the school year, in-class coaching and support for planning and implementation is provided to teachers by our own dedicated educational supervisors.visors.

Determined to build a professional learning community in our schools and to keep ourselves informed of the most recent research and best practices in educations, we have searched for the best of international educational literature and translated into Arabic what we found appropriate to enhance our plan for continuous development. Thus, we have been able to publish about eighty-four books, twenty-seven stories for children in addition to the reading project which has three levels (20 stories for each level).

in education through our non-profit publishing project, the Education Book House, which is an integral part of DAS. These books have not only helped us, but have also helped ten of thousands of educators and institutions in the Arab world. Many of these books are now being used in teacher education program in Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, Bahrain, Oman, and Jordan

Training & professional Development

DAS provides training courses inside and outside KSA for trainees specially teachers:

» Outside DAS
The school offers training in many cities in the kingdom and in some Arab countries such as (Lebanon, Oman, Jordan, United Arab Emirates, and Qatar) on related issues in education such as cooperative learning, classroom management, continuous assessment, building self-esteem and cooperative discipline and other subjects.
The person in charge of this training is:
The Deputy President (Boys’ School + The Educational Book House)
Office number: +9663 891 6066
Mobile number: +966 050 4984161

» Inside DAS
The basis for continuous development at DAS is its Plan for Continuous Progress in Learning (PCPL) which links the programs of professional development, performance assessment and compensation. An important part of the plan is the four weeks of training in the school which is required for all its teachers at the end and/or beginning of each school year.

The person in charge of professional development in the girls' school is:
The Director of Curriculum and Professional Development (Girls’ School)
Rola M. AboSaqar      Rola.AboSaqar@DAS.SCH.SA
School number: +9663 8919444 - (205, 204)

The person in charge of professional development in the boys' school is:
The Director of Curriculum and Professional Development (Boys’ School)
Bilal Basha    Bilal.Basha@DAS.SCH.SA
School number: +9663 8915151 (305, 345)

As a result of our commitment to continuous professional development, DAS has acquired a reputation for providing, a caring and supportive atmosphere and for maintaining high academic standards. In the school's philosophy, these two factors are strongly linked to each other and to developing the strong self-esteem and commitment to life-long learning that is essential for students' happiness and productivity throughout life. With 98% of our graduates going to four-year university programs, they have distinguished themselves in their studies and in the positions they have attained locally and internationally.onally.

Over the last two decades, the DAS Educational Development Center has given in-service training to several thousands of educators in the Arab world, especially in Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Lebanon and Oman, based on our published books and our school's experience. In fact, we have not had time to respond to all the requests for such training from many educational institutions.

After thirty-six years of nurturing new teachers in our schools and through the workshops given at other institutions. DAS is now ready to participate in the planning and implementation of pre-service teacher education in order to benefit both the teachers and the children whose lies they touch.