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Wednesday, 18 September 2019
  • DASA Team Receives the Gold and Silver Medals

    DASA Team received the Gold and Silver Medals in the National Robotics Olympiad “2019 First Lego League” Competition. This competition took place on Tuesday, January 8, 2019, at AL TARBIA Ahliyya Schools. 9 schools in Khobar participated in this competition. DASA Team members are: Lulu Al Jar, Sadeen Al Nahdi and Reem Al Hakim from grade 8. The team received the First Place and the Gold Medal for the Best Designing and Programming. They also received the Second Place and the Silver Medal for tasks and playing on the table. The teachers who supervised the students’ participation are Mrs. Nahid Buhairy and Miss. Kalthoum Karkazan. Congratulations.
  • the First Place and the Gold Medal in the Best Portfolio in the Programming Challenge

    The General Directorate of Education in the Eastern Province organized the “Programming Challenge Olympiad” as a part of the SMART applications project. We are proud to announce that our student: Haya Abu Shalih received the First Place and the Gold Medal for the Best Portfolio presented in this Challenge on the level of the Eastern Province. Miss. Kalthoum Karkazan supervised Haya’s project. Congratulations.
  • New Achievement Jana Al Dossary and Joud Al Otaibi

    We are proud to announce a new achievement for two DAS students; Jana Al Dossary and Joud Al Otaibi received the Third Place and the Bronze Medal in the 2019 Winter Forum. This forum is a part of the MAWHIBA Training Program for the 2019 International Math and Science Olympiad. This level of the competition took place at Princess Nora University on Riyadh from December 25, 2018 – January 5, 2019. Therefore, Joud and Jana joined the international team among 173 male and female students from all around the Kingdom. Also, Jana Al Sinan, DAS grade 7 student, qualified to participate in the next forum for Science Olympiad.
  • Jana Al Shuwia Receives the First Place in the 2019 National Math Olympiad

    As part of the province-wide 2019 National Math Olympiad, Jana Al Shuwia received the First Place among more than 150 students. Congratulations for Jana and her parents wishing her success in the next stages of the Olympiad.
  • DAS Achieve the Top Places in Ibda’a 2019 Kingdom-Wide Olympiad

    Organized by King Abdulaziz and his Companions Foundation for Giftedness & Creativity (Mawhiba), in partnership with the Ministry of Education, the Kingdom -wide National Olympiad for Scientific Creativity for 2019,– Innovation and Scientific Research Fields, took place from February15-16, at Al Faisal University in Riyadh. 3 DAS female students won the top places and Special Awards.The students are: Project Special Award Place Grade Student Name Spaciotemporal characterization of ligand - receptor interactions in blood stem cells during rolling King Faisal Specialist Hospital & Research Centre in the Biomedical and Health Science Field Second 12 Zeena Abdullah Al Abandi surfaced passivated CsPbC13 " perovskites N anocrystals for UV - photodetectors ASM MATERIALS EDUCATION FOUNDATION Fifth Nora Naji Al Dossary The metabolic symbiosis of Aiptasia pallida and symbiodinium Marine Biologe THE SOCIETY FOR IN VITRO BIOLOGY Fifth Leena Shawqi Al Shaikh Congratulations to DAS, the students and their parents for this achievement wishing them the best of luck in representing the Kingdom World-wide.
  • DAS Grade 10 Students Join MISK Leadership Program

    It is with great honor that DAS announces that 8 of its Grade 10 students have been awarded full scholarship from MISK Program. The students are: Jana Al Madani- Lulu Al Shamikh- Layla Al Fada -Layan Al JindanLeena Al Khowaiter -Yara Al Haidary -Joury Al Hathaly -Dhai Al Buraik MISK Foundation is a non-profit foundation devoted to cultivating learning and leadership in Saudi Arabia. This program is an opportunity to prepare Saudi male and female grade 10 students for their university lives. DAS students will join a 2-year-progrm. This program is designed to provide them with necessary skills and the personal profile that support their success. The programs will take place in prestigious universities such as; Harvard University and Massachusetts Institute of Technology. The students will also join a seven-week-summer program in USA or UK to prepare them for the universities in the future. The qualified students will join a training workshop at MISK Center in Riyadh . Congratulations.
  • MEUC Soccer Championship

    Dhahran Ahliyya’s Soccer Team for students under 19 won the Second Place in the MEUC Soccer Championship which took place from January 31 – February 3, 2019, in UAE. Eight teams from Saudi, Emirates, Bahrain and Kuwait participated in this championship. All DAS students displayed remarkable skills and sportsmanship throughout the championship. Thank you note is extended to our colleagues- Mr. Khalid Salim and Mr. Walid Naji for training the students, escorting them and supervising them throughout the championship. Thank you to DAS leaders and the colleagues in the purchasing and services departments.
  • Abdullah Al Sada Qualified in the Quran Competition

    Abdullah Al Sada, grade10 student, qualified to the final of the Kingdom-wide Quran Competition organized by the Ministry of Education. Abdullah has qualified in the Quran competition on both levels of Dhahran and the Eastern Province. It is worth mentioning that Abdullah has different participations and has won top places Kingdom-wide in the Quran Competitions. Wishing Abdullah the best of luck.
  • First Lego League Robotics Championship

    18 schools and 32 teams participated in the Province-Wide First Lego League Robotics Championship in which DAS Intermediate Team won the First Place. The championship took place on Wednesday and Thursday, January 23-24, 2019, in Dammam. Therefore, the students qualified to participate in the next stage of the competition; Kingdom-wide in Qassim. The students are: Eyad Al Qatari, Abdullah Al Saqa, Majed Al Buraiki, Hameed Al Hathly, Zaid Al Subaie and Talal Telmesani. Also, DAS Grade 6 (MYP 1) students won the Prize of Best Scientific Project in the championship. The students are: Mohammed Al Qudaihy, Jawad Al Dakhil, Hatem Al Kaka, Moaed Barnawi, Mohammed Al Khaldi, Saeed Al Ghamdi and Abdulaziz Al Nuaim.
  • DAS Students Join 2018 MISK Summer Program in Cooperation with Harvard

    It is with great honor DAS announces that 10 students of its Grade 10 students have been awarded full scholarship from MISK Program. The students are: Noor Al Gharib Nora Al Dossary Nujood Al Sherida Rawnd Ghazzawi Yasmine Al Nutaify Ghada Al Habib Haya Al Ashban Lama Al Jama Layan Al Fawaz Leena Al Zayer A group of DAS students qualified to join Mohammed Bin Salman Foundation (MISK). MISK Foundation is a non-profit foundation devoted to cultivating learning and leadership in Saudi Arabia. It provides grades 10 and 11 students with the opportunity to join an excellent summer program conducted by Harvard University. Harvard reserved a total of 100 seats for MISK Saudi students. The students join a seven-week summer program either in the US or the UK in order to prepare them for the universities in the future. Yasmine Al Nutaify and Haya Al Ashban joined Sandhurst in the UK (boot camp) SIG PRINCETON SIG UC Berkeley. Leena Al Zayer, Lama Al Jama, Layan Al Fawaz, Rawnd Ghazzawi, Nora Al Dossary, Nujood Al Sherida and Noor Al Gharib joined Harvard University in Boston. Also, Leena Al Zayer, Layan Al Fawaz and Fatimah Al Sabti participated in the Robocop Competition at the Talents Center in Canada.
  • Dhahran Ahliyya’s under 12 Soccer Team Wins the DPSL Finale

    Congratulations to Dhahran Ahliyya’s under 12 Soccer Team for winning the DPSL championship . Our team received the first place and the gold medals after winning five matches and tied one match. All DAS students displayed remarkable skills and sportsmanship throughout the championship. The goals were scored by: 1- Abdulaziz Al Saud – 5 Goals2- Yousef Al Jindan – 4 Goals3-Ibrahim Al Muhish – 3 Goals4- Talal Al Shuaibie – 2 Goals In culmination of the championship, the top three teams were honored with cups and medals. we would like to thank our colleagues; Mr. James, Mr. Khalid Saleem, Mr. Abdulaziz Hammad for supporting the teams. Also, a heartfelt thanks and appreciation to all those who contributed to make this event a success.
  • Table-Tennis Championship

    As a part of the 10th Dammam Private Schools League (DPSL), the Table Tennis Tournaments for under 14, 16 and 19 years took place on Monday and Tuesday, January 21-22, 2019, at Al Manarat Schools. Eight schools from the Eastern Province participated in this tournament. DAS team won this finale and the First Place in championship. Our team achieved (5) gold medals, (4) silver medals and (52) points. Al Majd British School won the Second Place in championship achieving (42) points while Al Majd Philippine School won the Third Place in championship by achieving (20) points. All our students displayed a high level of performance and good conduct throughout the tournament. Below is a list of DAS students’ names who won the tournament: Yousef Sadiq – Grade 8 Rakan Al Oraikan – Grade 9 Abdulmalik Albabtain – Grade 11Yousef Al Ghadban- Hazem Al AswadAbdullah Al Dabal -Tamam Al AlqamSulaiman Al Faris- Hashim Al Awami Thank you to Mr. Joseph for training the students to participate in this tournament. Thank you is also extended to all those who contributed to make this event a success.
  • FLL Saudi Juniors

    Congratulations to DAS grade 4 students for their participation in the Province-wide First Lego League Competition. It is worth mentioning that the competition is held for the first time for this age group. Our students won the Prize of Creativity and the Prize of Team Work. Mr. Walid Jaradat and Mr. Motasim Barakat supervised and supported the students. We would like to thank our students, their parents and all those who supported them. The teams are: DAS/ COZMO TeamCoach: Walid JaradatUbada Motasim BarakatHisham Ali Al ShehriYasser Hussain Al Jawad DAS/ VECTOR TeamCoach: Motasim BarakatAhmed Maher Al AswadFahad Sultan Al GubaiwiAhmed Al Shoushy
  • Sulafa Al Shehri Received the Third Place in Tech. Lab. Program

    Sulafa Ali Al Shehri- DAS student, received the Third Place in Tech. Lab. Program among selected students who are excellent in technology. Tech. Lab. focuses on a bundle of advanced IT programs including; programming, robotics and 3d printers as one of Sipchem Company Programs that is taking place at the Techno Valley at KFUPM. This program entitled “Assistant Google”, Aseel received several awards and certificates.
  • MAWHIBA Summer Program Saudi Research Science Institute (SRSI)

    Three Dhahran Ahliyya’s grade 11 students qualified among hundreds of applicants to join MAWHIBA International Summer Programs for summer 2018, in the Saudi Research Science Institute (SRSI) at King Abdullah University for Science and Technology (KAUST). KAUST adopted this 6-week program from MIT University, USA for the purpose of preparing Saudi students to enroll in the top international universities. It aims at boosting high school students’ research abilities in fields of Math, Science and Engineering. The students get to the opportunity to be trained by scientists and experts in the fields. The qualified students are: Leena Shawqi Al Shaikh Zeena Abdullah Al Abandi Nora Naji Al Dossary It is worth mentioning that Nora Naji Al Dossary’s research ranked among the top ten and she won the Award of Best Scientific Research Worksheet.
  • Oxmedia MAWHIBA Program

    Oxmedia Program is an annual three-week summer program offered by MAWHIBA and hosted by King Saud University in Riyadh from July 21 – August 9, 2018. The program offers courses in new and innovative fields including; artificial intelligence, encryption, neurology, medical science, space and universe and other interesting topics. At the end of the program, the students offer presentations in the given field in addition to the entertainment activities such as field trips , movies and sports. “Although the time allowed to use our mobiles was very limited, but we enjoyed the program and never felt bored. We learned time-management and developed social relationships and life experiences. We met new friends and were introduced to different cultures. Oxmedia is one of the strongest programs and I recommend all my peers to join it” Six Dhahran Ahliyya’s Grade 10 Students qualified to join this program and different fields. The students are: Filed Student Name Cybersecurity and cryptography Batool Yaqoob Al Askar Neuroscience foundation Sara Khalid Al Shamekh Neuroscience foundation Dhai Ziyad Al Mulla Neuroscience foundation Dalal Hassan Al Jabr Neuroscience foundation Jana Ameed Al Madani Space and Rocket Science Bashaer Ali Al Brahim
  • The Youngest Runner Wins in the Charity Marathon

    Under the slogan “Let’s Read”, Lulu Abdulrahman Al Misned, DAS grade 2 student, wins the third place, a trophy and a financial reward in the 23rd Charity Marathon, category of under 15. This year is the first year for women to participate in a charity marathon.Congratulations to Lulu wishing her the best of luck.
  • DAS Drama Team Wins the Bronze Award in the Kingdom-Wide Drama Competition

    The General Directorate of Education organized the Kingdom-Wide Drama Competition on Tuesday and Wednesday, December 4-5, 2018, in Qassim. 47 schools participated in this competition. We are proud to announce that we achieved:First Place from the Audience VotesThird Place from the JudgesIt is worth mentioning that DAS students’ participation in this type of competition is the first of its kind. The participants were: Roa’a AinAlddin, Raghad Al Saleh, Reem Al Otaishan, Lara Al Masloum and Aseel AbdulHadi. The supervisors were:; Mrs. Hiyam Kullab, for Drama Performance, Mrs. Sabah Fouad, for the décor, Mrs. Samia Al Dossary, for coordinating the activity and Mrs. Layla Al Saleh, for the technical production. We would like to thank all those who contributed to make this event a success- the students’ mothers, DAS employees and the Business Office.
  • The General Education Evaluation Commission Honors DAS with a Golden Award

    Invited by The General Education Evaluation Commission,Mrs. Eman Faisal represented DAS in the Recognition Ceremony for Schools that received the excellence award in the Qiyas General Aptitude (Qudarat). We are proud to announce the Dhahran Ahliyya Schools received the Golden Award as a result of receiving the Excellence Award for 3 consecutive years.