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Friday, 19 April 2019


American Diploma Program (ADP) : grades 9 to 12

The American Diploma Program at Dhahran Ahliyya Schools aims at providing world-class education with an Arab and Muslim identity. It is a 4-year program designed to provide students with adequate, challenging, and balanced opportunities in studying Religion, Languages, and Social Studies; Math and Sciences; in addition to Computer, Art, Physical Education, and other topics. Furthermore, the first two years of our program meet both the requirements of the American Diploma and the IB MYP program. This combination engages students in structured research opportunities and community service activities that promote their critical thinking, problem solving and leadership. All of this is integrated in the student’s learning path, that aims at developing student’s cognitive capacities, while respecting their individual capabilities, interests and career choices. By the end of the four year American Diploma, students will be able to take Advanced Placement (AP) exams in many subject areas; and therefore, supporting their admission to the most prestigious programs and universities in the world.

Our curriculum, inspired by the principles of Islam, has been developed based on extensive research and best international educational practices around the world. The curriculum was planned in a way that enhances critical thinking, problem solving, decision making, communication and many higher order thinking and learning skills. In the same time, our curriculum is committed to focusing on the identity subject matters by giving it a weight is much more the minimum requirements. While meeting the requirements of the Saudi Ministry of Education, the program fosters international mindedness, cross-curricular thinking and community service while involving the Common Core States Standards (CCSS), the International School Services Standards (ISS), the Advanced Placement (AP) learning goals, and the International Baccalaureate (IB) expectations. It has a variety of topics with different learning paths, where students will be given the opportunity to choose one elective course out of a set of diversified elective courses that aim at building a well-rounded personality of all students, and thus preparing them to be influential leaders in their community and the world.

Recognition of American Diploma Program

The American Diploma Program is accredited by the international Organization AdvancED, and is licensed by the Ministry of Education in Saudi Arabia. DAS ADP is recognized by all universities in the world, inside and outside KSA.


Organization of Program

Not all of the courses of the program may be offered during the academic year 2018-2019 yet, equivalent courses will be available. At any rate, students interested in particular subjects or topics can take online courses that are accredited by DAS.


Grade 9


Grade 10


Grade 11


Grade 12


Islamic Education








Arabic Language Arts








Algebra and Geometry


Advanced Algebra and Geometry


General Mathematics I, OR


General Mathematics II, OR








Advanced Calculus I, OR


Advanced Calculus II, OR








Advanced Statistics I


Advanced Statistics II








General Sciences


Physics, AND


Advanced Physics I, OR


Advanced Physics II, OR








Chemistry, AND


Advanced Chemistry I, OR


Advanced Chemistry II, OR










Advanced Biology I


Advanced Biology II








English Language Arts 1


English Language Arts 2


English Language Arts 3, OR


English Language Arts 4, OR








English Language & Comp.


English Literature & Comp.








Computer Science 1


Computer Science 2


Computer Science 3


Computer Science 4








Arabic Social Studies 1


Arabic Social Studies 2


Senior Project 1


Senior Project 2










World History


Global Issues


Technology & Society








Physical Education


Physical Education


Physical Education


Physical Education








Elective Courses


Elective Courses


Elective Courses


Elective Courses