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Friday, 24 May 2019


Students are mandated to respect all deadline set by the school in any situation. This includes, but not limited to, registration for AP exams, submitting assignments, signing official documents, respecting counselor’s deadlines, and so on. Any disrespect of any of the set deadlines may result in unpleasant consequences.

Here are some examples of serious consequences that may result from the act of not respecting a set deadline. This is not an exclusive list - it is just a sample; other acts of not respecting deadlines may have unexpected consequences:



Possible consequence

Being late in registering for an elective course


Does not assign student to the course of his or her interest

Being late in submitting an assignment


Does not receive the grade associated to this

Being late in asking to take an AP exam


Does not order the exam from the College Board

Being late in asking for a document, like recommendation


Does not deliver the document to the student on time

Being late in submitting an excuse for absence


Does not consider the absence as excused

It is the sole responsibility of the student to bear all the consequences resulting from disrespecting deadlines at all times.

The 7 Teaching Days Rule

The ISP adopts the 7 teaching days rule in all students’ requests. In other words, any student request will need 7 teaching days to receive an answer. Here are some examples of requests that students are expected to make 7 days ahead of time:

  • Request of grades
  • Request of recommendation
  • Request of attestation

and so on.

This is not an exclusive list there are many other sample requests that can be made in this regard.

It is important to mention that urgent requests will be dealt with promptly, if a valid excuse is presented in time. The validity of excuses is solely determined upon the discretion of the Secondary Principal or ISP Director.

Here are some examples of valid and invalid excuses to urgent requests: 

Urgent Request


Example of Valid Excuse


Example of Invalid Excuse

Leaving school immediately


Death of close family member


Has a doctor’s appointment

Asking for recommendation or grades




The due date for submission is less than 7 days

Withdrawing from course after 2 weeks




The course is not what student expects

 This is not an exclusive list, there are many other cases that will be studied on case-by-case bases. At any rate, it is the sole responsibility of students to bear all the consequences of not abiding by deadlines the the school or other entities set and respect the 7 teaching days rule.