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Sunday, 17 December 2017

Parents visit date

Dear Mothers,

The KG administration send a copy of the schedule stating the appropriate visit times for each teacher , so please keep this copy with you .

Also please send a note or call by phone when you need to meet with the teacher of your child for coordination , using the time effectively , and to ensure that the teacher does not not have another meeting with another mother.

In addition , when you are at school for this reason or another beyond the identified visit times , we kindly request you not to go your child classroom directly before coordinating with the reception office in the administration area first so that to ensure that it is possible for you to meet the teacher , and the employee in charge will offer the assistance needed.


First Semester

  1. General Parents Meeting: This meeting gives the parents a general idea about the classroom expectations for each grade level in all the subjects and the skills children should acquire to move up to the next level. During this meeting, we introduce parents to the school’s systems and policies.
  2. First Individual Meeting: This meeting aims at providing the school with information from the mothers concerning their children in different aspects; mentally, socially and any specific health conditions. In order to achieve our end goal , we ask the mothers to mention any particular aspects that should be considered when dealing with their children.
  3. Second Individual Meeting: This meeting aims at discussing the children’s growth and self-development on the basis of their interaction with the activities offered.

Second Semester

  1. “Mommy, I Learn and Enjoy” Meeting: Mothers attend to this meeting with their children inside their classrooms. The children introduce their mothers to their daily program and mothers have the opportunity to get to know their children’s classrooms and the way they learn inside the class. Also, the children share files of their work with their mothers.
  2. Third Individual Meeting: This meeting is conducted upon mothers’ requests. Mothers schedule appointments with their children’s teachers. Also, there can be more than one meeting according to the children’s needs.