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Saturday, 24 February 2018


» Trips :

We take students to a variety of places in order to interact with the environment around them. The trips reinforce and enrich the children’s theoretical experiences

» I and my mother activity:

KG 1 and 2 children and their mothers participate in the “My Mommy and I” activity. They all play and take part in entertaining cooperative educational games. These games reinforce the skills taught in the language, mathematics and science curricula.

» We work together :

KG 3 children and their mothers participate in “We Work Together” activity. This activity aims at leading parents through the kinds of help they may offer to their children at home to support the preparation process for reading.

» I am an Artist

“I am an Artist” Fair aims at encouraging interaction of our children with the community outside school especially in the field of community service. KG 1, 2 and 3 children participate in this fair with their paintings. The children’s works are sold at low prices and all proceeds go to charity

» KG 3 Completion of KG Celebration :

The “Completion of KG Celebration” takes place at the end of every school year for KG 3 children. The theme of this program is “We are All Alike”. It aims at helping children to respect other cultures and nations which supports DAS students’ targeted characteristi