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Friday, 16 November 2018

What is expected of DAS teachers?

  1. The teacher is expected to take responsibility for the learning, development, and well-being of DAS students, whether inside the classroom or outside it, regardless of their background, nationality, tribal heritage, religion, race, social position, strengths or weaknesses.
  2. The teacher is expected to interact with students in a positive way, accepting and encouraging them as whole, unique persons with strengths and weaknesses. Above all, the teacher is expected to take responsibility for his words and actions on the understanding that what he says to students and the way he interacts with them inside and outside the classroom may communicate more and be far more influential than anything he does in the process of teaching lessons.
  3. The teacher is expected to focus on his students’ learning related to:

    a) DAS academic standards and Targeted Characteristics,
    b) gather evidence of their achievement,
    c) analyze and interpret the evidence and make use of it to plan to improve the learning of each child
    d) work with other teachers to help enhance the learning of all students in the cluster.  
    1. The DAS Targeted Characteristics describe our aims for the most important attitudes and personal skills that we target for our students and ourselves. They were developed jointly by faculty and staff, parents, students, and DAS alumni. They can be found on the School’s internet website. The DAS academic standards are provided to all employees through the DAS intranet, and are updated periodically.
  4.  The teacher is expected to apply full personal effort to improving his ability to model the DAS Targeted Characteristics.

  5. The teacher is expected to collaborate with members of his team according to the norms and practices agreed on as part of the professional learning community and to follow the guidelines agreed upon. He is also expected to participate fully in activities, projects and plans agreed upon by the team for improving the learning of the students and the work of the group and the school as a whole.

  6. The teacher is expected to use every opportunity to learn and improve his knowledge and skills as a teacher, according to the guidelines for Professional Development described in the DAS Plan for Continuous Progress (PCP).

    The skills and strategies which the teacher is expected to develop and on which he will be evaluated are described in detail in the rubric entitled “Standards for Teaching at DAS.” This document is provided to all employees through the DAS intranet. After the teacher is evaluated as achieving a certain standard, he is expected to maintain it and to integrate the skills and strategies he has learned consistently and effectively in his daily work with students, while at the same time, working to learn and develop himself more.

  7.  The teacher is expected to fulfill the roles assigned in relation to monitoring hallways and playgrounds and to participate in the application of agreed upon discipline policies and procedures both inside and outside the classroom, in the school and during school events and trips.

  8. The teacher is expected to dedicate all his time in school and many hours outside the normal school schedule to fulfilling the responsibilities of his position. In addition to normal school hours, he is expected to use time at home to complete preparations for school work. Further, he will be asked to be in school after regular hours and on Thursdays from time to time for such activities as meetings, especially with his professional learning community group, grading examinations, conferencing with parents, training students for special occasions, participating in school events, participating in school trips and outings, attending lectures, training, entrance examinations of new students, or other.

  9. The teacher is expected to refrain from seeking or accepting any personal benefits, gifts or additional pay from his students or their families.

  10. The teacher is expected to abide fully by the rules and regulations of the school and of the government of Saudi Arabia.

  11.  The teacher is expected to fulfill the requirements of the job title identified in the employment contract and to abide fully by the terms specified there as well as in school policies and any amendments to them. DAS has the right to modify the job title and/or duties from time to time according to its needs, after informing the teacher in writing about the changes.


The employee absolutely may not work for others (even for free) while he is still working at DAS. Working outside the school, including working as a tutor for DAS students or others, is considered grounds for termination of contract. In case the employee violates this rule, DAS shall apply against him the terms of the Saudi Labor Law and DAS Internal Regulations.

The employee identified as working for others during his contract period is put "On Notice" that he is on probationary status as soon as it is proven that he works for others. DAS has the right to take against this particular employee whatever it finds appropriate of the following measures:

  1. Termination of the employee's contract within or at the end of the current contract
  2. Depriving the employee of the "Letter of Release"
  3. Depriving the employee of the "Letter of No Objection"
  4. Depriving the employee of the statement that shows his participation in the training courses and of the recommendations related to the duration of his work
  5. Stating clearly in the certificate of experience given to him the reason for terminating the contract
  6. Notifying the concerned official authorities of the incident
  7. Any other measures that are compatible with the Saudi Labor Law

DAS hopes that its employees abide by its rules and regulations for their own sake and for the sake of work for which they are employed.