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Friday, 20 September 2019

Dear Parents
This letter is to inform you of an exciting new innovation in teaching and learning at Dhahran Ahliyya Schools (DAS). Over the past academic year, the staff at DAS have been working hard ‘behind the scenes’ to engage students with 21st Century Learning by integrating the right amount of technology into education to better the Learning Outcomes.

We are now beginning the gradual process of introducing Tablet Based Learning to students across the school. Tablets will enable: eSchool Bag, Project Based Learning, Customized 1:1 Learning and Flipped Learning. Tablets will provide students with a range of web based tools for Communication, Collaboration, Critical Thinking, Creativity, Time Management, Document Storage and many more features. All of these tools are housed on the Tablet or the Online Virtual Drive.

Intel Educatino Tablet

This particular Tablet was manufactured by Intel® and is custom made for every educational institution to serve the particular needs of that organization. It has major advantages of the common tablet:
• Durability: The Tablet is manufactured with children in mind, so it external shell is break-resistant at a drop of 70 cm.
• Monitor: is manufactured with as little glare as possible to reduce potential irritation to the eyes caused by prolonged exposure to the screen over a short distance
• Local Storage: 500 GB built-in hard disk which provides the student with enough storage to save digital books, workbooks, presentations and interactive content
• Lab: The tablet is equipped with ports, probes and lenses that can transform the tablet to a science lab permitting the student to measure temperature, Humidity, wind speed as well as transform it into a Microscope.
• Detachable Device: Allowing the student to use it as a stand-alone tablet as well as a laptop
• Microsoft Platform: providing the familiar windows experience along with Microsoft Office which is the 3rd most required skill in the job market

At this stage, the e-mail accounts will be used for the purpose of; creating Microsoft® One Accounts for the students as well as for connecting with online educational software or educational resources. The students will be able to use it to e-mail out.

To further consolidate the DAS parent communities understanding of this initiative, an information evening will be held on... An additional focus of the evening will be on supporting parents with Digital Citizenship practices at home.

Please note that this device will be on the list of required materials for grade 5. You will be able to purchase the device through Dar El-Ketab on the first day of school.

Ashraf Hamad
IT Director
Dhahran Ahliyya Schools

intel med

DAS has partnered up with Intel® Education and Microsoft® Education, both represented by their Education Partner in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Creative Technology Solutions (CTS), to provide the students with optimal performance and lots of features:
• OneMail: an e-mail account within the DAS domain.
• Intel® Classroom Management: an application that enables teachers and students to share activities/work
• Microsoft Office: Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Publisher, OneNote, OneDrive and Sway

Intel Educatino Tablet2

Our primary reasons for supplying these tools are:
• To give our students practice in using current technology applications and tools
• To give students the capacity to work on common software both at school and outside of school
• To facilitate “paperless” transfer of work between students and teachers
• To provide adequate long-term storage space for student work
• To help students work collaboratively
• Prepare students to be responsible digital citizens

To coincide with the launch of Tablet Based Learning, a major focus throughout the year will be to ensure that the students in all year levels are adequately educated about smart, safe and acceptable use of technology practices.