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Thursday, 23 May 2019

Rania Moualla

raniaRania Moualla

Rania Moualla is a philanthropist, author and founder of Zadk Saudi Culinary Institute. Rania’s brings more than 26 years of experience leading social impact initiatives in the kingdom.

Rania is the Founder of Zadk Saudi Culinary Institute, which uses food as a catalyst for social change. Zadk’s goal is to revive the cultural culinary heritage of the Kingdom contributing the economic, social and cultural development with a focus on youth and innovation.

Rania is the author of A Spoonful of Home, a cook book bringing back to life middle eastern recipes and culinary heritage. All proceeds are dedicated to local causes such as the children with Disabilities in the Eastern Province. Rania has used the book to generate a local and global conversation regarding the importance of local foods and the importance of revival. Rania was recently hosted by Arianna Huffington in New York City to talk about this particular project as well as by the Master Card Women Initiative in Dubai, The Basque Culinary Center in Spain and the Symposium on Gastronomy and Sustainable Development.

Rania was the only chef representing the Middle East in the 2016 Food Waste Olympics challenge in Rio under Refettorio Gastromotiva with world renowned chef Massimo Battara and David Hertz. Rania used surplus foods from the Olympic village, creating a fine dinning experience for 108 homeless people in an impoverished neighborhood in Rio.

Rania’s experience in Rio inspired her to lead a series of social impact projects under the umbrella of Zadk with a similar concept- feeding the hungry in Saudi with dignity. On Sep 23 2017, Rania hosted 260 Saudis under the poverty line, to a fine dining experience. In this convening, Rania worked with more than 120 young Saudi volunteers to create this experience. This included, local cuisine made by volunteers, Ted Talks by local change makers, and health and wellbeing education.

In the public impact space, Rania leads countless projects with a social thesis in the Saudi Community. In 2015, 2016, 2017 Rania organized the first Worker’s Day Initiative (for gardening and sanitary employees) in the Eastern Province. Rania invited the local community to make Ramadan care packages for all 1300 workers who are responsible for keeping the streets clean and safe. Given the enormous support generated by this event, in 2017 it became an annual tradition, with the goal that it will become a model scalable to the rest of the kingdom.

Rania also leads annual projects in collaboration with well-established local nonprofits and foundations such as The Saudi Cancer Foundation, Joud Foundation for Saudi families in need, Ethar Foundation for Organ Donation and more. In 2015 Rania organized the first Organ donation awareness and fund raising campaign in the Eastern province, an issue Saudi has a need for and the community knows little about. Rania is one of the first women in the kingdom to register as an
organ donor, and through this initiative was able to generate hundreds of organ donation registrations by Saudi women, and raise an additional $150,000 to
continue building awareness.

In the social entrepreneurship field Rania is the CEO of Ya Balady & Company, a for-purpose life style women's' wear that bridges heritage and modernity to empower women. Ya Balady employs women in-need and works to revive traditional techniques in design.

Leadership Experience:

• Founder & chairwomen of Zadk Saudi Culinary institute.

• Board member in Al-Fozan for Community Service.

• Social Partner, MD Anderson for Cancer Treatment

• Leader and designer, three fund raising fashion shows for children and adults with cancer, and breast cancer

• Leader and fundraiser, Cancer research and treatment

• Leader and fundraiser for 19 years in Dhahran Ahlyiah girls school

• Leader and founder of the first Saudi boy scouts run by women

• Leader and co-founder, The Literacy Project to improve children reading skill

• Author of A Spoonful of Home