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The total number of students reached 1920 in 2016-2017. Class sizes range from 12 to 25 with an average of about 23 per class. The composition of the student body is about 95% Saudi Arabian citizens and 

about 5% Arabs of other nationalities. Since acceptance to the school at all levels is based on DAS entrance exams, the students are an exceptional group in terms of theirabilities, motivation and parental support. All DAS graduates expect to go to university either in Saudi Arabia or elsewhere.

In DAS no scholarship programs are available so all students are paying the standard tuition. Fifty percent of the student body are dependents of employees of Saudi Aramco (our national oil company) and pay only 65% of the total tuition as part of the agreement between the school and the Company for lease of the building. This relationship between DAS and Aramco is very important for many reasons, among which is the fact that it ensures that DAS will not become simply a school for the rich but will continue to have a sizable percentage of its students from the middle class. Maintaining the presence of these students in the school is a major objective of the school's founders