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Sunday, 25 August 2019

Counseling Program

Areas of Counselling:

There is a wide range of areas in which the counselling support can be provided:

Academic Area: low achievement, lack of motivation, concerns and anxiety about exams, and Attention Deficit Disorder. It also includes supporting gifted students.
Psychological Area: shyness, antisocial behavior, anxiety, stress, depression, negative self-esteem and irrational ideas.
Social Area: communication skills, adaptation abilities and social effectiveness skills.
Behavioral Area: self-discipline and support in solving different behavioral problems.

Counselling in Elementary School:

Counselling is an organized process based on building professional and social relationships, where mutual respect and trust are the pillars of this relation. It usually involves two persons; the 1st person is a well-trained and qualified person called “Counselor” and the 2nd person is the one who asks for help, or a client. The counselling process aims at helping the students in solving their problems, furthering their self-knowledge, and self-satisfaction. These goals of school counseling are to support students’ learning and help them succeed and achieve their personal goals under the umbrella of the general goals of Education in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Students in the elementary school, experience a crucial period, in which students display a genuine readiness for learning. Some examples of the counselling services and programs provided in the Elementary grade level are:

  1. Counselling Interviews Program.
  2. Group Counselling Program.
  3. Scheduled Group Counselling Classes.
  4. Parents Interviews.
  5. Academic Support Program (Policy of Low Achieving Students)
  6. Developing Individual and Group Plans.
  7. Discipline and Punctuality Improvement.
  8. Educational Advisory Program.
  9. Mawhiba Program.
  10. Injaz Program.
  11. Mutual Visits: schools and foundations for gifted and special needs students.
  12. Meetings with Teachers.
  13. Guidance Brochures.