Welcome to DAS Elementary School. We hope that this website will help strengthen the partnership between home and school for the benefit of your children.
At the elementary stage, our main goal is to plant faith and high values in the hearts of our youngsters. Further, we focus on the well-being of our students as well as literacy skills in Arabic and English and undertake many strategies to implant a passion for reading.
In math, we aim to ensure that our students develop a deep understanding of numbers and their relationships through giving them plenty of time with concrete, hands-on activities before going to abstract math assignments done with pencil and paper. In science, we emphasize the scientific skills of observation, inquiry, and analysis of the environment around them. None of the academic work can be achieved, of course, unless we help the children develop good work habits and study skills.

In our school, we work on developing a balanced personality in each of our children by ensuring that they have high self-esteem, appreciate diversity, and demonstrate caring and respect for others. We work to meet the special needs and style of each individual so all students are confident that they are able to be successful and, therefore, have a positive attitude towards learning.
At grade 5 we celebrate the end of the PYP by having the exhibition where group of students have their own project that reflects what they have learned throughout the PYP journey.
We provide support to students with different needs in the students support unit and a counseling program for all grade levels.
At DAS, we believe that the essential pre-requisite for learning is an atmosphere that is safe and comfortable, full of stimulating activity in all subjects, and the addition of creative opportunities in art, physical education, library, and school trips that are both educational and fun. We work hard to provide this kind of setting and hope that parents will collaborate by supporting and enhancing it.