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Monday, 11 November 2019



Students may apply for admissions to DAS at any time during the school year but they will not be accepted unless they complete the following four steps:

» Step 1

Parents fill out the application electronically throughout the following link:

» Step 2

The student attends an orientation meeting in the place in the school where he will later be examined. Those entering grade 2 or above will also receive worksheets for practice.


» Step 3

The student sits for the exam or attends the entrance interview on the date announced by the DAS Registrar and posted on the DAS website. The interviews for pre-school and first grade are usually in the second month of the second semester. The exams for grades 2 and above are usually nearer to the end of the second semester.

» Step 4

Parents come to the school to pick up their individual letters with the admission results. These letters are all distributed at the same time on a Thursday (usually two weeks after the exams) announced by the registrar and posted on the school's website.
It should be noted that the selection decisions are made by a committee based on the priorities stated below and in light of the availability of spaces in a given year.

» Step 5

Parents of children who have been accepted are required to pay the entire annual tuition for the first year within the one week after the announcement. If they do not pay in that time, the space will be given to the first child on the waiting list.