Student Support Unit:

The student support services model at DAS is based on the philosophy that all students can learn and have unique abilities, learning styles, and interests. These differences are valued, as they add to the richness and diversity of our school.
To address the needs of all students with academic concerns, DAS has implemented a multi-tiered support system which works to develop and implement procedures to identify learners who may have learning support needs.
In supporting students in either a one-on-one setting or in a small group, the SSU collaborates with teachers and parents to develop a support plan or individual intervention plan with evidence based interventions guiding the instruction. We provide support in English, Arabic, and Math by following both a push-in & pull-out system based on students’ needs.


DAS aims to provide students with an opportunity to talk through their difficulties in a supportive environment. There is a wide range of areas in which the counseling support can be provided such as academic, behavioral, psychological, and social-emotional development.
Advocating individualized and group services to assure learners’ holistic progress, DAS counselors offer consultations, interventions, and follow up to learners who face changes and challenges in their lives; such as divorce of parents, transition, death, problems with peers, bullying, study habits, and others.
Our counselors efficiently collaborate with learners, teachers, administrators, and parents to create a comfortable environment that is based on care to help and support our students from Pre-K till Grade 12.