The Student support Services model at DAS is based on the philosophy that all students can learn and have unique abilities, learning styles and interests. These differences are valued, as they add to the richness and diversity of our school. Learners respond best to instructionally appropriate strategies designed to develop their strengths and provide for their individual needs through differentiated instruction. The goal for all students is to meet or surpass grade level standards in the DAS curriculum. In order to reach these goals, students must engage in positive learning experiences that emphasize academic, behavioral and personal commitments.
The Student Support Unit is a multi-tiered support system designed to address the needs of all students for academic concerns, at multiple levels. We provide support for grades 1-7 in English, Arabic and Math and follow both a push in and pull out system. We also support students either in a one-on-one setting or in small groups. A specific referral process is used to identify students who may be in need of extra support at various levels. Based on a student’s specific needs, a support plan or individual intervention plan is developed with evidence based interventions guiding the instruction. This plan is regularly monitored for progress and the plan in adjusted accordingly.

For further information refer to inclusion policy.