Counseling approach in DAS aims to provide students with an opportunity to talk through their difficulties in a supportive environment. It can be implemented through prevention and intervention programs as a comprehensive school counseling program such as Positive Behavior Support (PBS). By one-to-one basis, counselors can help students to find out their own ways of addressing their issues and expressing their feelings
Guidance counseling program is a child-centered, developmental and proactive program. It is an integral-interrelated part of the educational program that is implemented from Pre-K till Grade 12. Counselors efficiently collaborate with learners, teachers, administrators, and parents to create a comfortable environment that is based on care to help and support learners’ social-emotional development. There is a wide range of areas in which the counseling support can be provided such as academic, behavioral, psychological and social emotional development.

Counselors help students move towards their personal goals and follow up by bringing about improvements and support their wellbeing. To assure learners’ holistic progress, the counselors offer consultations, interventions, and follow up to learners who face changes and challenges in their lives; such as, divorce of parents, transition, death, and problems with peers, bullying, study habits, and others.

They approach learners through various activities related to their problems, concerns, developmental issues, or other sudden arisen conflicts. The counselors reflect through observations from activities’ outcomes to detect the learners who may need immediate support to overcome a certain crisis. The counselor interferes immediately by interviewing the learner individually and contacting their parents for further support. The counselor plays a vital role by raising awareness through guiding learners and helping them believe in their abilities in order to overcome their challenges; and their physical and social emotional changes. Emotional and behavioral concerns can be identified by counseling department at an early stage.

The counselling process aims at helping the students in solving their problems, furthering their self-knowledge, and self-satisfaction. These goals of school counseling are to support students’ learning and help them succeed and achieve their personal goals under the umbrella of the general goals of Education in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the recently transformation of education which will be aligned with Saudi Vision 2030.

The counselor closely mentors them to become problem solvers, independent learners, believers in their capabilities, and encourages them to always have the willingness to offer help and support to their classmates, siblings, and other people in the world. The counselor helps them learn how to share ideas clearly and respectfully, accept others’ perspectives, understand cultural diversity and empower their willingness to develop as global and productive citizens.