The role of the college counselor at DAS is to help students explore their talents and skills, develop their career choices, and set up their learning plans accordingly. The college counselor will be coaching students in the process of preparing for college applications, and will be taking care of providing relevant data and recommendations for this purpose. The college counselor does not only work with the grade 11and 12 students in preparing for college, but also raises the awareness of grades 9 and 10 students towards the different available majors at universities, provides students with adequate information about college and career options, and helps them design the learning paths that is most relevant to students’ interests and choices.

Tips for students on college counseling:

  • Always talk to the college counselor before making decisions regarding universities, career and courses’ choices.
  • Make sure you inform the college counselor of the subject of your meeting with him or her when you take an appointment for this.
  • Make sure you talk to the college counselor when you are making choices about your courses.
  • Make sure you talk to the college counselor and inform them about what you are currently doing, what you are planning on doing, and so on.
  • Make sure your talk to the college counselor way ahead of time before asking them for help in anything.
  • Make sure you get the college counselor to know you very well, as they might be in a position to write a recommendation about you.
  • Make sure to inform the college counselor of any concerns you have way ahead of the time these concerns become problematic.
  • Make sure you involve the college counselor in your achievements: curricular achievements, extra-curricular achievements, or personal achievements.
  • Make sure to keep documentation (notes, journals…etc.) of the meetings you have with the college counselor; these notes should highlight the topics you discussed and the things you agreed on.

This is not an exclusive list; please feel free to improvise and benefit from the core work of the college counselor in helping you optimize your chances of being accepted at the majors you would like to get in the universities you would like to attend.