• Why should I work in KSA? +
    - One of the lowest costs of living in the Gulf. - Potential to maximize your savings. - Fantastic weather for 6 months of the year. - Beautiful temperature ranges from 24℃ (75.2℉) to 28℃ (82.4℉) during the months of November thru April in the Eastern Provence. - No deductions on earned salary by the KSA government for singles.
  • How long is my contract? +
    2 years
  • Who Pays For The Visa? +
    DAS employees are responsible for the first USD $1,000 processing cost of their visa. DAS will reimburse the amount which exceeds this if any (receipts required). DAS does not cover the costs of dependent visas.
  • What is the Medical Insurance Offered? +
    The school has our insurance through Bupa, and it is Class A coverage.
  • Can My Kids Go To DAS & What Is The Cost? +
    DAS does not guarantee admission into our school. Depending on the availability of seats, DAS will provide our employees with a 50% discount on DAS tuition. Our school is a dual-language school which requires all its students to be fluent in both Arabic & English. If your child does not write or speak Arabic fluently, they will struggle to succeed at our school. All students entering DAS must take and pass the appropriate grade level entrance exam. While our area does have several British, American, and international curriculum schools, DAS does not provide any tuition support. Current tuition rates can be found under the Admissions tab on our website.
  • What are my work hours? +
    The school is open from 7:00 am until 3:00 pm, Sunday through Thursday. Students are in session from 7:15 am until 2:45 pm (KG ends at 12:30 pm). On Tuesdays we have early dismissal for students at 1:00 pm, but staff stay in school for training and preparation until 3:00 pm. There are a few times throughout the year where our training will take place until 4:00 pm on Tuesday’s or will require a Saturday attendance for a few hours.
  • What does the school calendar look like? +
    Our calendar is regulated by the Ministry of Education and as such our breaks vary from year to year. Current Ministry guidelines have the school year at 18 weeks of instruction per term including time allotted for final exams. We will always have a 1 week break between terms. The spring term is dependent on timing of Ramadan since the school will always be closed for the two government mandated Eid holiday’s which last a minimum of 1 week (each).