batiorWelcome to Dhahran Ahliyya Schools which prides itself on its position as the keystone in our students’ learning and education. We recognize the cognitive and emotional changes that our students in the middle and high schools experience, providing them with contemporary disciplines that recognize their intellectual and emotional needs.

We steadily build our students for critical thinking as we believe that providing and inspiring them with positive experiences lay the groundwork for success in preparing them for their college life.
DAS embraces the fact that learning should be inspirational, lifelong, and based on a global dimension. Our teachers are aware with the fact that learning is deeper and better retained when offered within a broader vision that prepares our students for their college life and careers after. To this end, DAS has adopted a vison and a mission that combine serious learning with creativity to produce a global citizen. In order for us to ensure that we offer our students the best learning environment, we take all measures to offer them chances to explore and develop potentials, be open in their hearts and minds, nurture a disciplined school life, and cultivate caring attributes in all our students.
We will continue to inspire and be inspired by serious work and the shared visions we have along with the parents in order to provide our students with as rich and varied a school experience as possible. As we are sure that our students are highly committed, caring, disciplined, open-minded, smart, and talented, we invite you to enjoy your experience at Dhahran Ahliyya Schools.


Abdulmuhsin Batyour
Intermediate and Secondary Principal