Four transdisciplinary themes for KG1 and KG2 and six transdisciplinary themes for KG3 provide the framework for exploration of knowledge where teachers plan a wide variety of inquiry-based activities and the children’s own questions are incorporated into the class program.

Our Goal:

Considering their age, we aim to fulfill the children’s needs to become passionate, interactive, life-long learners in the rapidly changing world. Based on this goal, the kindergarten educational curriculum is designed according to a scientific, mental, and behavioral basis. 

Religion:IMG 1267

The curriculum includes short Quranic surahs and prayers. We reinforce the curriculum by instilling Islamic values; practicing and relating those values to real life.


Teachers provide opportunities for students to speak, listen, read, and write in a safe and stimulating environment in order to encourage risk-taking and learning. Our aim is to develop students’ ability to express themselves fluently, confidently, and accurately in oral, written, and visual communication systems.

Fine Motor Skills:

From arts, math, and cooking to writing activities, we implement the use of different materials in order for children to learn how to move, control, and coordinate the movement between their eyes and their hands.

Gross Motor Skills:

We teach them how to control their muscles to be able to jump, run, and develop their ability to balance in order to help them learn how to move their bodies spontaneously without thinking.

Science:IMG 8241

The science units mainly aim at furthering children’s understanding about the world around them and at encouraging them to explore and investigate. We offer a variety of opportunities for the children to experiment and interact with their environment.


We focus on children’s learning by implementing the educational strategies that support their thinking.

Curriculum Guide