Primary Curriculum Overview

Six transdisciplinary themes provide the framework for exploration of knowledge. DAS establishes a firm foundation in the core subjects of Arabic and English language, social studies, math & science (taught in both languages alternately, one year in Arabic and the following year in English) through the Units of Inquiry.
The curriculum is enriched through special subject classes that connect to the Units of Inquiry including arts, technology, library, social, physical education, and Islamic education.
The culmination of this process is highlighted in the final year of PYP. Grade 5 students put on an exhibition where they celebrate their achievements with their fellow classmates during a whole day exhibition where they invite their parents, relatives and even friends.
Student assessment is conducted through a variety of techniques including daily observations, performance tasks, formative & summative assessments, and MAP & MIQYAS testing.

Language Arts (Arabic and English):

In teaching languages, we implement a Balanced Literacy Program. Within workshops, we focus on the skills and strategies of reading, writing, listening and speaking.

Social Studies:

We teach the geographical aspects of Saudi Arabia and the Gulf Countries which includes the main aspects of geography such as locations, regions, movement, and interactions of different people. In the light of the international standards, the social studies curriculum for grades 3-6 include the biographies of Prophet Mohammed -peace be upon him- and his caliphates, and the history of the Kingdom Saudi Arabia.


We begin teaching mathematics by using sensory tools, solving word problems, and using correct mathematical language when explaining and interpreting ideas. We teach mathematics in Arabic for grades 1,2,3, and 5 whereas mathematics in English is taught for grade 4.


In teaching science, we focus on scientific inquiry throughout observation, asking questions, developing hypotheses, conducting experiments, collecting & representing data, and drawing conclusions. We teach science in English for grades 3 and 5 whereas science in Arabic is taught for grades 1, 2, 4, and 6.


We teach the principles of arts throughout a variety of projects that are relevant and authentic and vary from drawing and painting to designing and building with the aim at developing the students’ artistic sense and strengthening their art criticism and social skills.

Information And Communication Technology (ICT):

The curricula are based on international standards starting from grade 1 to grade 5 in which we work on developing the digital citizenship within DAS students.


Physical Education:

Focusing on the Fitness for Life principle, we raise the students’ awareness about the fitness skills they need while also teaching them to create their own personal fitness goals. This course is based on international standards that cover all grade levels starting from Kindergarten to High School and are designed to suit all students in both boys’ & girls’ schools.

Religious Studies:

In grades 1 & 2, we teach integrated Religious Studies lessons. While in grades 3 and above, we work on teaching students Quran recitation as well as Quran and Sunnah comprehension skills and values. We focus on providing the students with the basic knowledge of “Fiqah and Tawheed” and the pillars of Islam. We also emphasize Islamic

 Curriculum Guide: